Real LOVE/HATE - Interracial Sex Confessions

Black Male DomsSubmissive Sex Slaves.
Thank You! Black Master! How Can I Serve You Black Master!
Interracial Bondage Sex. Powerful Women Turn Submissive Sluts.

Fuck Romance

Adding kink into the mix complicates and simplifies that side of things. I could have a Domme. Someone who is "with me" but not necessarily romantically, that would satisfy the craving, maybe, but it doesn't answer my question. Am I able to love romantically? Is it something I want?.

A Sore Asshole

A few days later, as my bruises were at their darkest, we transit docked in a marina in Erie, Ohio. My girls and I were in the shower house and as I came out of the shower, a kindly lady approached me, saying, “Oh dear!!”.

Sex Is Useless

i get quickly bored of sex or nudity, therefore i would rather talk, just talk, i want to be in ur mind, me in ur mind where i disect all ur thoughts.

Finding Myself!

I am not sure where it all began, or where in the fuck it will end up. But, I am more open and accepting of myself in the last few weeks then I have ever been! my husband is embracing as much as his cock can handle. I have many of my own fantasy's that I want to live, so many of my husband's..

Im Tired

I'm tired of being hidden I'm tired of trying to hide I'm tired of trying to deal With the feelings I have inside I just want someone to want me I just want someone who cares Someone to tell me I'm pretty Someone who wants to be there I'm tired of random offers.

Not Submissive Enough.

I have recently been fighting with some feelings on not being sub enough. You may be curious as to what I mean by sub enough but what I mean is I have been feeling like I'm not submissive enough, bratty enough, short enough, tall enough, small enough, big enough, too little, not little enough, no....

Thank You Sir, Your Fat Cock Feels So Amazing In My Butthole.

Yes. Master Im Here To Serve You.!